Reichert v. Keefe Commissary Network, LLC, Rapid Investments, Inc., and Cache Valley Bank

Case No. 3:17-cv-05848

 We represent Mr. Reichert in a class action lawsuit against three companies involved in with issuing activated, fee-laden debit cards to people released from jails. The lawsuit seeks damages on behalf of two classes:  The first is a national class of people involuntarily issued debit cards by the three companies upon their release from jail.  The second class is of people in Washington state who were issued these cards.  The lawsuit seeks to recover the fees taken, interest and state and federal statutory damages. The Court’s order on class certification is here.

When Mr. Reichert was given the involuntary, fee-laden debit card, the jail did not give him a “term sheet” outlining the terms and conditions related to the debit card.  Since February 2019, and possibly earlier, the Kitsap County Jail has been providing the debit cards with a “term sheet” to its releasees.  We would like to talk with people who received debit cards with a term sheet upon their release from jail. 

If you have received a debit card after leaving jail and remember receiving a term sheet, please call us at 206-223-0303 to talk about it.